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"It's about the Cigar... the Puff... It's the Culture!"

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Welcome to "Cigar Etiquette Pro", where Cigar fans will gather to discuss their passion: Puffing Cigars and its Etiquette…

Starting with the "About us" page, you will get to know more about the nature of our meetings, and how we are grouping each other from all around the world with the same interest. Stay up to date with our "Calendar of Events" subcategory as we will update them regularly, and if you did not have the chance to check our blog's articles (, you can always read our Monthly "Newsletter" subcategory which displays all the articles by month and year.

Through our "Etiquette" page, you will get to know more about Cigar Culture, and have a useful set of information to enhance your knowledge in the etiquette and practice; while the "Cigar 101" will narrow down the huge amount of information about Cigars to provide the most useful, along with some Audio/Video recording.

Before you plan for your next trip, and if you're looking for a decent Cigar lounge, check our "Cigar Lounges" review page, where we will add personal experience and photos, to reflect the actual image of some of the important lounges around the world.

Whether you are a beginner or an Aficionado, we highly encourage you to visit the "Cigars Review & Pairing" page and leave a useful comment of the Cigars you like the most, in order to share your experience with others.

Enjoy your browsing and your Puff!

Cigar Etiquette Pro!

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