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"It's about the Cigar... the Puff... It's the Culture!"

History in every pUFF

Bring Your Notebook

And fill it up with new notes for a new Cigar from every corner that plants Cigar.


Major Rule

Age is restricted to 18+



No membership fees at the moment, as the tasting note book is for free; just pay for the "Cigar of the month" that we will discuss and puff.

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Cigar Etiquette Pro - Cigar Lounge


We provide a storage place for your Cigars in case you do not have a good Humidor. Fees range from zero and up, depending on the quantity and other services.

Cigar Equipment

Check our "Store" page and select what you need.
Let us know in case you need a personalized item.​


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We are a group of Cigar Aficionados, meeting weekly to taste different type of cigars, enjoy the Football games and fill our "Cigar Notebook" by sharing our experience and taste.

We're keeping the tradition and culture of Cigar Lovers alive with every puff.
The moment you walk through our lounges, you'll think that you've just been transported back to the island of Hispaniola, simpler time.