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People have been smoking Cigars for many many years. Thus, the quantity of information that you can find about this topic are enormous and can fill all the shelves of a big library.

For that, we considered "Cigar 101" as a place to collect the relative information and present them in a short version and straight to the point.

We are dividing this subject to the below:

Part I. Prerequisites, which has 4 sections:

    A. History.

    B. Parts of a Cigar: wrappers, binders, fillers...etc.

    C. Shapes & sizes.

    D. Colors.

Part II. this is the "technical" section, which has 3 sections:

    A. Humidors:
      I.   Categories,
      II.  Humidor Accessories
      III. Seasoning a Humidor when you buy it (getting it ready for operation)
      IV. Checking the Hygrometer's Calibration.

    B. Accessories:
      I.   Lighters,
      II.  Ashtrays,
      III. Cutters.

    C. How to:
      I.    Chose a Cigar,
      II.   Cut a Cigar,
      III.  Light and Puff a Cigar,
      IV.   Heal a damaged Cigar.

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You will find as well in the majority of Part II an Audio/Video recording to better deliver the idea with a live performance.

This recording will be provided in English and Lebanese Arabic.

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