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The Cigar lounge - Al Sharq Village - Doha, Qatar
(visited in April, 2016)

Alcohol menu has variety of beverages, but only few special drinks to match with a Cigar.
Even the single malt, which is 80% requested by Cigar Aficionados, its menu is limited.

Lounge is cozy, good choice of music; Light is so dark, which I did not like. However, nothing special for a Cigar Lounge. The problem is that they keep having offers and open nights, which will attract all type of drinkers instead of a special Cigar Lounge customers.

Habanos Cigar lounge - Ritz Carlton - Doha, Qatar
(visited in May, 2016)

Let me start with the Alcohol menu that fits with a Cigar. They have decent Cuban cocktails as well as a good variety of single Malt selection, rum, cognac...

Lounge is cozy, very well furnished. I even noticed that they are hiding humidifiers/purifiers around the lounge, which will always make it a good atmosphere if you are accompanied by non smokers.

However, the lighting is so dark: I asked them to turn the light on, they said the next level is so shiny and bright. As this is a Cigar Lounge, I do not expect to see it dark, right?
The music selection is very bad, not matching a cozy lounge.

The "Cuban" band that they have (starting 20:00) is really awful: you cannot understand their English when they sing, and music is so "pale" if I can say, played from a machine instead of live performance.

The Happy Hour that they do daily from 17:00 to 20:00 is an occasion for you to see a lot of people smoking Cigarettes. However, the good use of the purifiers that we mentioned above are doing a good job with the Cigarette smell.

La Casa Del Habano - Pearl - Doha, Qatar
(visited in June, 2016)

PS. La Casa Del Habano - Pearl, Doha - Qatar are not accepting smokers to smoke inside anymore.

Lounge is cozy, well furnished. I even noticed that they are having a humidifier/purifier next to the Bar (that did not exist previously), which will always make it a good atmosphere if you are accompanied by non smokers.

The lighting is excellent: I hate dark places for Cigar Lounges where I cannot even find my fingers...

The music selection is excellent, very cozy and relaxing. I was reading a book and yet was not disturbed with the music, another gentleman was working on his laptop, so it is suitable...

As I heard, Cigarettes are banned inside, which is a plus. They do not serve alcohol as it is not located in a Hotel as per Doha policy; However, their coffee selection is really matching and delicious.

They have an average walk-in humidor, not a big selection but a good one; humidity and temperature are well maintained so Cigars taste fresh. Prices are the minimum you can find in Doha as Cigars in Hotels are much more expensive. However, all Cigars in Doha are considered more expensive than other countries due to the high taxes on Cigars.

In general, I had a relaxing time to puff my Cigar (Edmundo - Montecristo).

Over all, we are rating them 4 over 5.

Nat Sherman - New York, USA

(12 East 42nd Street, NY City, NY 10017)
(visited in July, 2016)

Frankly, this was a typical and exclusive experience that we had. Easily ranked 5!

The minute we entered, We were warmly welcomed by the Staff who had no problem in showing us around, explaining about their different Cigars, especially that we explained that we come from the Middle East where almost all our Cigars are Cuban.

They asked about the type of Cigar we prefer, and they were able to advise something similar from their Big Non-Cuban Collection.

The best thing I experienced on a personal level is that they registered the Cigars I bought under my name and my phone number, so that next time I'm visiting, they will easily identify my selection.

I will not add anything so that you enjoy the self explanatory slideshow on the right.

P.S. The Photo below is taken from the main entrance door at the East 42nd Street.

Casa de Montecristo

(1016 2nd Ave New York, NY 10022)
(visited in May, 2017)

As a Cigar Smoker, the last thing you want to have during your vacation is a bad Cigar Lounge and shop. For that, we highly advise you to visit la Casa de Montecristo anytime you are in Manhattan.

If you booked in advance, even if you are coming from oversees, relax and be sure that your booking and details are well received and welcomed. The minute we entered, We were warmly welcomed by the Staff who had no problem in showing us around.

This 2,000 SQ Feet lounge/shop has an advantage on some of the other lounges, where they provide you with around 150 Humidor lockers, so to make sure that your stogies are well maintained if you are away of your own humidor. It also has around 8 HD Tvs to keep you entertained.

The walk-in-humidor is well maintained and preserved, and obviously staff are aware of what they are selling and how to protect them.

Casa de Montecristo provides theme nights as well, so make sure to follow them through their website.

"Cigar smoking knows no politics. It's about the Pursuit of pleasure, taste & Aroma..."


DO NOT VISIT, this place is to be avoided

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AVERAGE, this place has nothing special to be qualified over other Lounges

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