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Cigar 101

​                      - Technicalities / How To

People have been smoking Cigars for many many years. For that, the quantity of information that you can find about this topic are enormous and can fill all the shelves of a big library.

That is why we considered "Cigar 101" as a place to collect the relative information and present them in a short version and straight to the point.

Enjoy the reading, and always send us your request and questions!

C - How To

As mentioned earlier, we have started with a series of Youtube videos assisting everyone with some Cigar tips. Clips are recorded and posted below in English and Lebanese Arabic, and on youtube through our channel "Cigar Etiquette Pro". 

Mainly, topics will include the below subjects:

  • Beginners' Cigar Guide,
  • Introduction to Cigar, (Description through this link, video to follow),
  • How to cut & light a Cigar, (Description through this link, video below),
  • ?How to check the Calibration of your Hygrometer, (Description through this link, video below),
  • How to Heal a Cracked/Dry Cigar,
  • Cigar Lounge Etiquette, (Arabic Recording Below)
  • How to season a Humidor,
  • How to keep a Cigar Log,
  • Top Mistakes by a beginner,
  • How to Smoke a Cigar,
  • Tips from Aficionados,
  • How to refuel a Butane Lighter,
  • How to clean and maintain a Butane Lighter...

If you feel that you need us to tackle a certain specific area as per your interests, and/or if you have any question, please contact us and we will be more than happy to answer. 

Enjoy watching the videos, and please leave us some comments and like!

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