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Starting the month of March, 2017; Cigar Etiquette Pro will be releasing weekly tips which are important for newbies, and a good reminders for Aficionados.

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  • June 22, 2017: Your Humidor in the Summer Season​

As we all know, we usually invest a good amount of money & effort to get a good Humidor that can keep our precious Cigars safe & in good condition to enjoy them.

However, preparing (Seasoning) our humidor (explained in our website: when we buy it & monitoring its humidity & temperature will keep it & our Cigars in good condition, as the last thing we want to have is a damaged Cigar with a non preferring humidor.

Now that we started the Summer hot season, it is important to follow the below points:

If your humidor sits in an air-conditioned room, you might need to monitor the humidification device more often & add water as the AC tends to dry it.
If your humidor is in a humid area, you might not need to add water.

So to be on the safe side and avoid confusion, we strongly recommend you to check your hygrometer especially if it reads both the humidity & temperature that should be around 70°F – 21°C & 70% humidity.

As a general advice, it is good to have a humidor log where you can monitor the change of humidity & temperature inside your humidor. You can either do it manually using the below attached file (Humidity Temperature Log)  or by any digital device that you put inside the humidor and read and record the data over your smart phone and/or tablet.